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Whether this is your first work ready for publication or you've been previously published, we can't wait to read your query and see a sample of your work.


In this industry, there is often a talk to me after you've been published' mindset or brush off. Well, we believe in just the opposite here. We are excited to support new voices and the ideas they bring to the table. We work with writers of all varieties and genres, with publishing, design, and editing experience in the areas of Children's Literature, Poetry, Short Story, Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biographies, and Academic Works. 


Don't be dismayed by the word 'query,' it really just means letter of introduction. It introduces us to you, the writer, your genre, the basic market within that genre for your work, and most importantly gives a brief synopsis of what your work is about. A query letter should be about one to two pages; generally speaking it should be one page. 

If you are querying:

-a larger work, please include a copy of your first chapter.

-a compilation of short stories, please include a copy of one story. 

-a chapbook of poems, please include a copy of at 2-3 poems.

-a children's book, please include a copy of the entirety of the work or the first 10 pages.

You can address your query to Jessica Black, editor-in-chief of Writers First Publishing

Send by email: jessica @

or by mail: PO Box 5802, Hauppauge, NY 11788

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