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This is a writing prompt you can adapt to your own favorite mode. If you're a poet, write a poem. If you're a prose writer, write prose. If you're a journalist, write it like the opening or a piece of an article. Think of this as an exercise to work your muscles. So you can even use it as an opportunity to flex muscles you haven't used in a while-- maybe if you're a poet, write prose instead, etc.

You can also just free-form this as 200 words or so. If you're new to writing prompts this is a good place to start. Then if an incident in a story comes up where these descriptions are relevant you can plug in the prose.

Explain In Detail These Strawberries:

  • Their texture

  • Their smell

  • Their taste.

  • Imagine them in any medium: on the plant, chopped on a plate, or in a slice of cake.

No matter your style, practicing describing different things and using different views and senses to interpret the world around you will benefit your writing

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